Visit a marriage store where most items are “free”

June 21, 2012 No Comments by CCL Communications

The  Family Research Council (FRC) operates a “store” with free downloads and  inexpensive tracts concerning same-sex marriage, marriage, and other related  issues.  Now you can easily:

  • Read the latest information
  • Download free pdfs
  • Post a new article weekly at your  church
  • Send to a friend via social  networking

Click here for the store.   These links will take you to a sampling of publications.

The Top Ten Harms of Same-Sex “Marriage”
The Top Ten Myths About  Homosexuality 

The Defense  of Marriage Act : What It Does and Why It Is Vital for Traditional Marriage in  America

Homosexuality Is Not a Civil Right

What Harm Would Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Do? – Packet of 20 Tracts ($3)

Homosexuality In Your Child’s School

The Slippery  Slope of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’


Conley brings many of these brochures when he speaks at churches.

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