Urgent message to Pastors

February 22, 2012 No Comments by CCL Communications

Dear Pastor,

Like you there are many things in our society that greatly concern me.  And like you, we are absolutely convinced the answer to any challenge we see in our culture is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Political activism and civic involvement, in and of themselves, are limited producing short term results to complex issues facing us here in Maine and around our country.  Any attempt to call Christians into the civic arena must be for the purpose of lifting up Jesus Christ so that men would be drawn unto Him.

The Christian Civic League of Maine’s mission is to bring a Biblical perspective to public policy.  It is the church of Christ who has been called to transform the culture with the Gospel.  Therefore, we exist as a resource to churches to help execute their mission.   With that in mind, we are announcing our Cultural Impact Team program.  Our first priority is identifying an individual in each congregation (either the pastor or a trusted church member) to be our partner in this critical endeavor.

Based on the response to this announcement, we will offer training opportunities in local communities to equip our Community Impact Leaders.  This training will familiarize our leaders with resources for accurate Biblically-based information pertaining to relevant cultural issues.  Leaders will also be instructed how to alert church members for recommended calls to action.

Our Cultural Impact Team program is a work in progress; therefore, it is neither inflexible nor predetermined.  We envision each pastor and congregation will adapt and customize the program according to their church and community needs.  It is our prayer your valued input though this process will allow us to continually hone this program into a valuable tool impacting our culture for Christ.

If you choose to designate someone in your congregation as the Cultural Impact Team leader, I hope this list of tasks and activities will help you identify an individual with the character and talents needed to be effective in this role:

  • forwarding e-mail alerts to the pastor for consideration of church distribution
  • promoting and participating in regional rallies
  • campaign literature and yard sign distribution
  • writing letters to the editor
  • executing voter registration campaign
  • instruct church members when and how to contact legislators

Once again, let me emphasize, it is not our role to tell any pastor of a church how to engage and influence the culture, but we desire to be a partner and a resource to you. Issues like “same-sex” marriage and abortion, are opportunities for us to promote God’s character and the benefits of His morality. As these issues loom before us, it is critical for us to create and develop Culture Impact Teams to glorify God by promoting a Biblical perspective here in Maine.  If you wish to join us and be part of the Culture Impact Team, e-mail me at cultureimpactteam@gmail.com

When replying, please include the following information:  Pastor’s name, church name, contact information of your designated CIT leader (including phone number, address, and e-mail).  Please also include names and contact information of pastors you believe might be interested in hearing from us.


Carroll L. Conley, Jr.

Christian Civic League of Maine

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