Readers comment on how same sex marriage will affect them

December 12, 2012 No Comments by CCL Communications

On Dec 4, we asked our readers… How will the redefinition of marriage affect your church, school, business, or family? 

I think the Church will be challenged legally if we are not careful how we do marriages in the Church (example: members only, etc). The school is in for an onslaught of brainwashing of our children, who will suffer most. Businesses will change little. Our family will continue to love our neighbor but not the sin.

My family still stands strong on traditional marriage. Prayerfully it will not have an effect on our lives, we do not hate the players just the game.

I’m afraid that the gay agenda will be forced into public schools. This is something I don’t agree with at all. Kids need to worry and learn about kid things, not why a man is with another man, or a woman with another woman, etc. I have seen first hand how militant and nasty the gay community can be towards business owners that differ in opinion.

Regarding our church, the morals + values will be severely tested + challenged.

Regarding our family, I do not believe it will be affected provided no members decide they are not what they are now.

It will make it harder to discuss the merits of Biblically-based marriage in any public arena without it being labeled “hate speech”, which will be picked up by the press.

It will result in the loss of free speech, thought and activity. It will dampen the preaching of the gospel. Lawsuits will abound. Freedom is GONE!

It will bring division in my relationships as I, like John the Baptist in Mark 6:18, will at some point be forced to state that it is not lawful for men to take men as a spouse or women to take women in “marriage” no matter what the law of the land states. It will be a time of terrible grief.

Kids in school will be taught that homosexuality is NORMAL rather than ABNORMAL. That’s how the press is already treating it.

I work in a K-2nd grade school as an ed. tech.. I am concerned that at some point lessons may be taught or books may be read to kids on this topic. If this happens I will refuse to participate, and I don’t know how this will affect my employment.

My church is pretty liberal. My pastor never said a word on “the same sex marriage” ballot question. Haven’t heard a word of concern regarding the ramifications of the same sex marriage vote. I personally am very concerned….

Overall, I believe the homosexual lifestyle will be more pervasive in all areas and those that endorse it will expect everyone to accept it not just tolerate it. Anytime a society compromises the Word of God and embraces false ideas, that society will fail eventually. Our only hope is that Christ will return soon or there is another great revival.

My family is grown and out of the nest, however marriage being redefined will have serious effects on my family. Our fundamental freedoms will be eroded in the attempt to provide special rights to homosexuals, lesbians, transgendered, etc who already have the same freedoms my family does and for that matter everyone else enjoys.

I’m going to try to not let it affect my family. We home school and try to keep our personal space pleasing to God. I find myself staying home more and more as this state gets more liberal in their thinking. I’m afraid that there is no longer any middle ground.

It will put me on the “wrong side of culture” and society to be defending God’s plans for marriage from the pulpit, for our church children and youth, for how we gear up for legal recourse to abstain from participating in gay marriage or weddings. I am now placed in the uncomfortable necessity of being on the defensive to uphold true marriage.

We must necessarily live in fear of being hauled into court, by homosexuals; for merely having a pro-marriage bumper sticker on our vehicle or even having a public conservation w/ like minded person which is overheard by homosexual.

The homosexual community will be out for blood!

Homosexual/lesbian marriage cheapens and devalues the word marriage. My wife and I will have to refer to our marriage as a “pre-2013″ marriage.

The redefinition of marriage in Maine will affect everything in a negative way. I can’t say in a few words the issues that will bring. I have met so many people here in Maine who have had young boys in their families sexually abused. It’s a HUGE problem here in Maine and the culture. Not everyone was born to be gay as their defense is.

Yes it will! In the schools with my children, liability for businesses and our right to disagree…

Our church’s will need to put in writing something that will protect them from mandatory marrying the homosexuals.

Unknown at this time, but I cannot imagine that it will be good. When something like this happens, things only seem to get worse.

Personally the redefinition will not affect me very much. My kids are grown. However, I am very concerned about the change’s impact on our state and the church over time.

It won’t have much effect.

Well if Mass and Canada are any indication, we are in for slow start then building up to a relentless harassment of businesses, individuals, churches and pastors being sued and a push for wider “education” aka indoctrination, of our children to a way of life that will destroy the family in Maine and spread throughout the US.

If adopted, it will destroy the Church, School, Business and/or Family. Marriage, as historically understood and practiced, is the foundation of an organized, stable, well structured society.

“As for me and my house” we will stay-the-course of history and common sense regardless of what others do. And we pray that others will do likewise.

I expect within a short time a gay couple will take a pastor to court because he refuses to marry them.

Circumventing biblical values with the notion that anything related to homosexual behavior is an equally valid choice, we become a rebellious people against God and teach this to our children. Our religious freedoms will take a back seat to this special agenda; no longer will we be a nation that promotes the same rights for everyone!

If you teach children or are raising them, this is a game changer! What will our conversations and instruction sound like? Mixed messages…confusion? Pray for adults to take a stand for the original meaning of marriage. Pray for wisdom and support them based on God’s Word. What will our state and country look like one generation form now?

Across the board, I believe it will affect everyone, because the embracing of evil changes the spiritual environment over and around a place.

Because it will become one of the “new normals” which are abnormalities or better abominations, it will present a challenge to our young people, especially our children. The pressure from the world’s philosophy will make it very difficult. However, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Truth still sets us free!

The “redefinition” of marriage will not affect how we do anything at church or in the family, but it will most certainly affect what happens as a result of what we do. As a pastor I face the possibility of a revocation of my ability to perform “legal” marriages because I will not perform “gay” ceremonies. My church may lose 501c3 as a result.

Will it be illegal for me to teach my children Romans 2? My biggest fear is having to broach a difficult topic to young children. They should never have to deal with this type of lifestyle – what if they have a propensity towards homosexuality, with the world saying it’s ok? I am in danger of losing them to encouraging, yet harmful voices.

I think that the first of the of wave is about to hit Dec 29 .I don’t know for sure but I’m trusting the lord I know he has a plan.

It will affect all aspects of people’s lives…our minister preached on homosexuality a few weeks ago but this may not be allowed anymore. The “new normal” family will be indoctrinated at school (I saw some of the books a while ago) to 1st graders. However, God is still on the throne and that will never change.

I believe this is going to be a problem in all domains of life. Marriage and the new healthcare law are going to be used as tools to attack traditional values. Schools will teach their definition without parental consent. Pastors will be pressured to marriage two men or two women or risk being sued. Etc.

My husband and I are Christian and my son was raised Christian and went to Christian schools and daycare. When he was 16 yrs. old, he told us he was gay and said that he didn’t believe in God because God made him that way. It broke our hearts. Gay marriage is a distraction from him getting right with God. We shall keep on praying.

I wonder about the effect on churches. Since I’m retired, it may not affect me much personally except to grieve for my country and hurt for souls so misguided as to be involved in something so obviously condemned by God. It’s a bondage that leads to a bad end!

As a business we have in the past allowed marriages to take place at our facilities, but now we will no longer do this for anyone as we do not want to open ourselves up to a lawsuit.

Not sure…. My church is fervently opposed, from a biblical stance, to this redefinition of marriage. Personally I pray for a new boldness to share Christ with others. After the election, it feels like we’re on the Titanic after hitting the iceberg….and we are going down as a nation. Our state/nation has continually thumbed its nose at God.

It changes everything. Because new leadership at the CCLofME led us to this defeat, God will judge ME and remove his hand of protection from our state. This is truly above and beyond the petty physical impacts on your comfortable go-along-to-get-along life, people. It literally defines the cosmic struggle between good and evil. Take it seriously!

It will not affect me what so ever because I WILL NOT COMPLY PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will have no affect or impact on my school, business, or family, nor those of others. The law specifically protects clergy and churches.

Not at all.

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