Presidential Primary Voter Guide

February 23, 2016 4 Comments by CCL Communications

Our partners at the Florida Family Policy Council have created a very helpful voter guide for the presidential primaries and caucuses.

Click here to view and download the guide to see both the Republican and Democrat candidates’ positions on key issues including abortion, marriage, and religious freedom.

We promote the guide for your informing yourself, but we also ask you to “like” and “share” this great document on your social media. Pastors, this is a 501-C4 document; therefore, there may be a risk with IRS compliance if this were printed for distribution in church or posted on a church website.

Once again, we remind Maine’s citizens that state caucuses are Saturday, March 5th for Republicans and Sunday March 6th for Democrats. Go to the party websites listed below for times and locations.

We urge Christians all over Maine to show up and be salt and light in this political process.

Republican Caucus: March 5, 2016 – Must be a registered Republican – FMI on locations and how to register: Click Here

Democratic Caucus: March 6, 2016 – Must be a registered Democrat – FMI on locations and how to register: Click Here

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  • Todd says:

    when I click on the link to retrieve the presidential primary guide my browser tells me that it is an insecure connection and won’t take me there. When I click for more info it tells me that uses an invalid security certificate, that it is self-signed, is only valid for thunder8weavernet.null, and expired 9/14/13.

    Please email me the PDF. Thanks.

  • I have been trying to open the voter guide for the presidential primaries and caucases to no avail. I keep getting a message which says “Your connection is Not Private. Attackeres might be trying to steal your info. from Wondered if you could e-mail the voter guide? Thanks so much

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