Pastor’s alert to support marriage on Father’s Day

May 17, 2012 No Comments by CCL Communications

Please make sure that your Pastor received this important message about supporting marriage at your church on Father’s Day.

Dear Pastor,

This fall, the people of Maine will vote on one of the most significant issues facing our nation—the redefinition of marriage.  The Christian Civic League and Protect Marriage Maine will lead the campaign to uphold Biblical marriage in the public square with the experience and resources that gave marriage and God victory in 2009.

Pastor Bob Emrich and I recently returned from North Carolina where we met with church leaders and celebrated the passage of the marriage amendment to their state constitution.  The directors of that campaign promoted the benefits of traditional/natural marriage from a platform of respect. 

We are aware that there are others in Maine who will make the case for Biblical marriage; however we are committed to the same respectful tone that was used by marriage leaders in North Carolina. We desire to promote God’s plan for marriage in a way that honors Him and draws men and women to this world’s only hope for peace and fulfillment—the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Recently, an out-of-state homosexual couple gave $100,000 to those who are attempting to redefine marriage here in Maine.   The Christian Civic League and Protect Marriage Maine need to counter that gift and begin our own fundraising efforts.

Our plan is to launch a fundraising campaign that will start with churches throughout Maine taking a special offering for our efforts on Fathers’ Day.

We will provide bulletin inserts and other promotional materials to prepare and remind church goers of this very critical offering. We have checked this strategy out with the Ethics Commission, and it is perfectly legal. Watch for more details.  Your enthusiastic support and promotion of this offering could make all the difference in our results.

I need your help as a pastor and spiritual leader in your community.   Will you and your people pray for every aspect of this campaign, especially as I endeavor to raise funds?  Will you please let me know if your church will participate?  Will you be a steward with your leadership and influence with other pastors with whom you fellowship?

We did not pick this fight. I am fully aware of all the challenges surrounding this sensitive issue, not to mention the financial difficulties we are all facing. If there is one thing I lean upon, however, it is the sovereignty of God.   I am convinced there is a way to conduct this campaign in a manner that will glorify the Lord.

Please get in touch with me as soon as you can with any questions, suggestions or concerns; I’m hoping to go public with this Father’s Day offering ASAP.


Carroll L. Conley, Jr. ( or 659-6447)

Executive Committee Member

Protect Marriage Maine

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