Citizen Action Center

Directions to use the Citizen Action Center

  1. Click on “Register Here” that is in yellow to the left of the page
  2. Fill in all the information to register
  3. Keep your username and password for future use
  4. Click “Submit”

Once you are registered, you may go back into the Citizen Action Center and take action.


  1. Click on “Take Action On This Alert” in white to the left of the page after the blue “Action Alert and Action Alert Commentary”
  2. Fill in your username and password
  3. You may respond to previous alerts other than just the present alert.
  4. Please read the commentary first, then read our suggested talking points.
  5. Erase the talking points and type your own message. Your email is the most effective when written in your own words.
  6. If you are writing to an entire legislative committee, we suggest you address the message: “Dear Members of the ____________ Committee.”