The Sanctity of Human Life

A. We believe in the God-given sanctity of all human life and that life is a gift from God. We believe that human beings are created for eternal life and that the matter of life and death rests withing the exclusive providence of God the Sovereign Creator. We believe life begins at conception and are opposed to abortion, which we believe to be a clear violation of the will and purpose of God.

B. We affirm both the sacredness and the quality of all human life. We believe all reasonable efforts should be made to insure that every human being is born healthy and secure. We support proper prenatal care for all pregnant women and effective counseling which emphasizes positive alternatives to abortion, including adoption.

C. We oppose euthanasia and infanticide because we believe every human life has intrinsic worth. This includes the lives of the handicapped, the elderly, and the sick.

D. We hold grave reservations with respect to genetic engineering and surrogate parenting. We believe there exist definite limits, beoyond which science should not go, in an attempt to alter of manipulate the God-ordained pattern of human creation.