Faith Matters in Maine UPDATE – October 25, 2012: “Redefining Marriage”

October 25, 2012 No Comments by admin

Imagine your seven-year old coming home from school one day and telling you he learned two men marrying each other is just like a husband and a wife.

You go to the school to inquire and find out that is exactly what is being taught.  You ask for prior notification so you can prepare your child and counter the instruction.

The administrator tells you “no” and adds you cannot opt out.  If marriage is redefined in Maine, you will not have to imagine this scenario.  This is happening now in Massachusetts.

How can we be so naive to think that a radical public policy change like redefining marriage cannot effect what will go on in our classrooms?

The liberal Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall said it best.  Some citizens will obey the law; others will be converted by it.

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