Faith Matters in Maine UPDATE – December 6, 2012: “Encourage a Legislator”

December 6, 2012 No Comments by admin

Many times I am asked, “What can I do to make a difference in Augusta?”  Certainly the Christian Civic League encourages Maine’s Christian citizens to fully participate in the civic and political arenas, but before you step into those arenas, be sure to put on the whole armor of God, which includes “praying always with all prayer and supplication.”

The political campaigns are over and we are now in the governing mode.  Are we committed to faithfully praying for those in authority?  The Concerned Women for America’s Maine Chapter sponsors the Encourage-A-Legislator Program.  The Christian Civic League heartily endorses and promotes this program designed to recruit prayer warriors for our public servants.  Go to our website and sign up for Encourage-A-Legislator.

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