About the League

Founded in 1897, the Christian Civic League of Maine is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to the preservation of the family and Christian family values.

The Mission of the Christian Civic League is to bring a Biblical perspective to public policy issues that impact the family and equip citizens to be voices of persuasion on behalf of traditional family values in their localities.

As a statewide organization focusing on public policy, our offices are located in the capital city of Augusta, where public policy is made. With our office located just minutes from the Statehouse and other state offices, we keep a close watch on the day-to-day activities of state government and are involved at numerous levels of the policy–making process.

We work closely with other organizations and often provide speakers and conduct educational seminars for a variety of groups on various public policy issues. Our staff are frequently contacted by members of the press to gain our perspective on issues.